PBL: 2 Day Workshop


This hands-on workshop is intended to introduce educators to project based learning (PBL). During this workshop, we will explore examples of PBL, create a network for sharing resources, plan our own small-scale PBL, build an assessment tool, and explore PBL management.

Day 1 Agenda

  • Welcome Activity
  • Introduction: Background information about PBL including the purpose and benefits
  • PBL Examples: Explore examples of PBL within content area
  • Create a Network for Sharing Resources: Social Bookmarking using Diigo
  • Project Design Resources
  • Planning your Conceptual Framework for PBL: Getting Started
  • Closing Activity

Day 2 Agenda

  • Welcome Back Activity
  • Building your Conceptual Framework for PBL
  • Managing your PBL
  • Designing your PBL Plan
  • Building your Assessment Tool
  • Reflection as Part of PBL
  • Closing Activity